Projects in hand

OAM's Important Projects in hand:
Renovation and restoration work of 11th century Sri Venkateswara and Bhoga Narasimha Temple at Srinivasa Kshetra, Belagola (Mandya), Karnataka, INDIA, situated on the banks of River Kaveri and 15 Km from Mysore on way to Brindavan Gandens is in progress under direct supervision of renowned archeologists, modeler, engineer and agama specialist. For more details click "Temple" .

Construction of Sri Jagannath temple at same location - To be built on turnkey basis by world famous temple architect Padma Bhusan Sri Raghu Nath Mahapatra of Bhubaneswar.

For details about temple click here...

Design, drawing and cost estimations are under preparation. Gajapati Maharaja of Puri Sri Dibyasingha Dev is kind enough to extend help and assistance for this great work.

Appeal for donations: Philanthropists and people everywhere who respect the Sanatana Dharma, to kindly donate liberally for this noble work.
Donations are exempted from Income Tax under section 80G.