• To preserve and propagate Oriya culture, which is the embodiment of Jagannath culture and a direct derivative of Jagannath philosophy, based on universal love and fellow feelings and universal goodwill.
  • To protect and strengthen the cultural and historical connection resulting in special relation between Orissa and Karnataka and to establish the commonness between the two states in the fields of art, culture, dance and music.
  • To spread the concept and philosophy of Orissan socio-cultural heritage; the Maitri consciousness, that is friendship towards all. Another great strength of Orissan culture is egoless - oneness, which will be the forerunner slogan of OAM.
  • OAM will build Lord Jagannath temple and will develop a spiritual and socio-cultural centre in it for training and research on Vedic studies and Yoga, classical dance and music and will undertake various community services.
  • OAM will construct a community centre for marriage and other social functions.